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About Us

The History of Our Church in Qatar goes back to 1970. At that time there was no Church Building in Qatar, The Only Recognized Church was in The Shell Club where a Roman Catholic Priest from Bahrian use to come on Every Friday and was Conduting Mass. He was Unable to come sometimes due to the Weather Conditions specially in Winter when the Northern winds bring Heavy Rain in the Region.

Early 1970's Urdu/Punjabi Christians from Inda and Pakistan used to get togather at Mr. Yousif's Barkat's Place to worship and Pray but after his death these Christians started to gather in the Homes of different Congregational members to Worship and Pray. During that time the Local Young Arab Neighbours who were not educated enough were curious about these meetings. Some times they use to Flatten the Tires of Vehicles and threw Rocks at the homes where these meetings were conducted. After few years the members refused to conduct meetings in their homes due to some domestic problems and family problems.

It was that time when God spoke to the heart of a Young Man (Mr. Peter Kay) to conduct these worhsip and prayer meetings in His house Located in Al Asmakh Street. Always there was a Fear that Anytime the Officials may stop these meetings and deport the Leaders, Qatari Govt. was Gracious enough to allow us to worship in that place althoug it was not Legal to do so untill 2009. There were many Rumors and Threats to Stop the Meetings but God helped us to be in this place and be a House of Prayer for the Hindi/Urdu speaking Expatriates from India and Pakistan. At that time the Leaders were Mr. James(India) and Mr. Sardar Bhatti(Pakistan), Dr. Dayal(India), Mr. Ifraim Massey(Pakistan), Mr. Emmanuel(India).

In the 1980's with the growing economy Expatriate Community grew rapidly. Many small Tamil, Malyalum, Telgu and Tegalo home Groups started meetings in their homes. Although there are many cases of Arrests and deportations during the past Era which i don't want to discuss at our Web page here. 1981 Our home congregation was moved from the previous Location to our New Home which was on Abdallah Bin Thani Street. This New Location was not a safe place. Mr. Peter Kay still in his late 30's was bold enough to take the stand for God. 1986 the Congregation was split into two gorups but again it was merged when Mr. William Bhatti and Mr. Peter Kay agreed to Join the groups for the Love of God as those who were the main reasons of split were already gone from Doha. During the Late 1980's the Sunday Services and Tuesday Prayer Meetings were conducted in both places alternately, These groups merged togather when Mr. William Bhatti Left doha in year 1993. Antoher Serives which was started on Thursday by Mr. Immanuel was also moved to our home when he Left Doha. Mr. William James, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Irshad John were the Main Leaders along with Mr. Ifraim Massey and Mr. Morris Chand.

In the 1990's Our Church went from a denominational traditional congregation to a Charismatic, Evangelical Church. 1991 God called a young man (Christopher Peter Kay) to Lead this Church which at that time was having no Leadership, as the old leaders left Doha Due to their End of Services.

This was the Time God started sending many Indian Pentecostal Pastors to our Church some of the Main Names are, K. C. John, PM Thomas, K. Joy, Evanglist N.W Roberts. The Local Active Brother were Said Masih, Yaqoob Masih, William Bhatti. Younis Masih. Irashad John.

N.W. Roberts was the Man who gave Pastor Christopher and His wife the Basic Training to live by Faith. After he left Doha in April 1991, God Sent another Man who Led This Church by becoming the Spiritual Father of Pastor Christopher. This Man was Pastor Michael Jacob. God used him to train Pastor Christopher and Ruth to Live a Victorious Life in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

1997 was the Year when Evangelist N.W. Roberts was invited again and he recognized Micahel Jacob as a Scholar of the Word of God. The End of 1990's brought a great Revival to the Church where people accepted Jesus as their Personal Saviour and were baptized in the Holy Spirit. This Change also brought a great division and some of the Church members who did not like the Leadership of Micahel Jacob left the Chruch and started another congregation. Those who were stayed with us grew in Spirit and the Word was preached and taught with power. Also God used a three years old boy (Bezaleel Chrisotpher Peter) to play the Key board and the worship was going to another level. During this time Pastor Rajan Napthali was another musical help and he equipped the Church's Leadership with Power of Intercession and How to Pray.

1997 Christopher and his wife took a bold step of fatih and movd to a bigger location which was expensive but much safer for worship. God honored the step and Michael Jacob Inugrated the New worship Hall which was having the capacity of 90 people. The Flow of Dynamic Pentecostal pastors from India was another Major Change in the church growth.

Year 2000 was a great start when a Major Event in the History of this Nation was hosted by Pastor Michael. June 2000 was the Time when the Name Word of God Ministries was Adopted for the English Service Led by Pastor M Jacob, Urdu Service Led by Pastor Christopher and Tamil Service which was Led by Pastor M Jacob. It was a time of sorrow for the young Leadership when God spoke to Michael Jacob to return to India for Village Ministry and Crusades. After he left the Urdu and English Services were both conducted in our New Location at Bin Mahmoud. This was the time when preachers from the Arabian Pennsula, UK, USA and Canada started visiting our Chruch. The Friendship of Filipino Pastor Nemi of QICM and Rev. Eian from Anglican Church with Pastor Michael Jacob gave Pastor Christopher a stand and support to continue the Work of the Kingdom. The Elders at the City Gate was another bridge to bring all the Evangelical Churches togather. Pastor David Wallen, Pastor Nemi, Pastor Beda, Pastor Gary, Pastor Tony helped in organizing and Reviving the Local Churches.

2002 was Another Great year in the History of our Church when we co-hosted Another Kind of Music in the Doha Cinema. H.E Arif Kamal and His wife were invited as guest in this event. Ambassador Arif Kamal accepted this invitation and became a friend of the Church and Pakistani Christians. He was Always a Chief Guest to our Chirstmas and New Year Service. The Pakistani Embassy co-ordinated with the Ministry of Foreeign Affairs to help us in All the Possible ways so we can be at the Place where we stand today.

(Our Thanks and Prayers are for All who Helped us in the Anglican Church, Embassy of Pakistan and Qatari Officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

2005 ISOM and Elijah Institue was Launced. God was preparing future Leadership to be ready.

2006 was a time of shaking in our prayer ministry when suddenly Brother George Bari was terminated from his job and was deported. The Leadership was unable to cover the gap left behind by this man who fought the battles on the knees for several hours a day for the Church. The Leadership trained youth groups to pray and become intercessors buty it took a long time.

Still the Shock was not covered when in July 2007 another time of sorrow came, this time not only our Church but every Christian in Doha was shocked. Sudden Inprisionment, termination and deportation of Pastor Christopher , it was a time of great grief and tears, the Church was still in the process of learning at this point. This was a major damge, In One Shot The Pastor was gone, the Worship Leader was gone, the Musicians were gone, Sunday School Teacher was gone, Women Ministry Leader was gone.. Fear was all over who will be next target of the Authorities.

God is God of Miracles, Signs and Wonders by the Grace of God the Enemy was defeated the Use of Technology helped Pastor Chrisotpher and his wife Ruth to train and Impact the Church which was going through a broken heart. Within One Year this Church grew to another Level of Faith. The Elder, Assistan Pastor and Deacon togather with the Help of Youth who stayed with their Pastor for many years took a bold stand to Accomplish and Establish the Work of God. They walked in the shoe of their Pastors and Achieved what was the Dream of this Church. By the Grace of God today we are free to worship God in the Anglican Hall and we have full support of the Local Authorities.

Today we Stand and Say All things work togather for the good of those who Love Christ.


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